What Is Your Dream Car – Take A Ferrari For Free



Ferrari kept in secret till the last moment that they would like to announce their newest model. The J50 model has been Amazing.




In the name of the newbie the J point to Japan, and the 50 shows the 50th anniversary of the Ferrari`s present in Asia in this year.


Honour of the half century they have built a limited CC on the base of the 488 Spider, and they will make only 10 cars Word wide.  A really amazing sport car has been born with it`s shark front and the four round rear light, and designers also tried to project the 70`s and 80`s. The J50 probably will test the public opinions as well in the near future, and some formal designs can be appeared on other newest models.


Since the base is the 488 Spider, the 3.9 liters engine has been remained in the car but it got 20 more HP reaching the 690 HP. Other datas hasn`t been announced to public neither how much will it cost.



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