These were the top searches on Google in 2016

These were the top searches on Google in 2016

Pikachu had a really big year.

On Thursday, Google revealed the most popular searches in 2016, and the viral sensation Pokemon Go was the top search worldwide this year

The game uses augmented reality to hunt down pocket monsters called Pokemon, leveraging a GPS map and the camera on your smartphone to simulate catching the creatures as if they exist in the real world.


pokemon go

Pokemon Go was a summer phenomenon, as players strolled across cities and

landmarks in search of Pokemon. It set an Apple App Store record for

the most downloads during its first week of availability.




Apple’s iPhone 7 was the second most popular global search in 2016,iphone_7

followed by President-elect Donald Trump, Prince — who died in April — and Powerball.

In the U.S., Powerball was the most popular search, followed by Prince, Hurricane Matthew,

Pokemon Go, and mobile game




Trump was the most-searched person globally on Google this year,

followed by his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton,

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, soon-to-be First Lady Melania Trump

and gold medal winning gymnast Simone Biles.



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