Must have internet marketing tools if we want to make money online

Running an online business we need to have the right internet marketing tools, if we want to make money online. What are the tools in the  business, and why is it so important to use them. How can they help us to be on the internet, to build our email listtrack everything in order to know the exact numbers of our business, or see what visitors do on my website, once they are on.

If we have our own offline or online business, 100% of them is about selling something isn`t it?

Oh I know some entrepreneurs or business owner say it`s not true, but if you meet one of them, tell them try to make money without selling anything whether is a product or a service. They will not be able to manage it. Why? Because their business like mine or yours is based on selling.

When you run either an offline or online business you have to have customers, who will buy from your product, your affiliate product, or your service, or affiliate service. You need to care about them, need to promote things to them, need to get more new customers. Absolutely the same.


Offline business

How can you promote your offline business?  –   Several ways, but let`s say you have a shop, with a display window ( no matters what you sell).  This is the place where you can show your prospects what you have got to sell for them. This is a very unique not the same than the next door shop even you sell exactly the same stuffs.  This can be seen only for those who pass your shop.

How can you make more people see your shop?  –  Advertising  ( several ways at this moment not important )

What will you do if someone came into your shop?  –  Follow them up  ( ask what they need; whether you can help; promote your discounts; give them a business card, etc. )

What will you do if someone buy?  –  Follow them up  ( care about them as a customer and make them return and buy again )


How can you copy this model in your online business?


Shop with a unique display –  Own domain name website, blog, page etc.

Why is it important? If you tell me that you have an online business, and  will ask your website name what will you say? Sorry I do not have any, or will tell me a two minutes long affiliate page`s name? You do not want that. The answer must be: “Here is my website :”. With this you have already started the promotion as well.

Follow up your prospects or customers  –  Autoresponder ( Build your list – This is your invest)

You need to collect at least your prospect`s email address in order to make them subscribe to your list, and send them emails out, with your promotions, discounts, greetings, etc. You can do it one by one which is fine when you have only a few, but you want to manage them when your list is over 1000s.  You can send premade emails, newsletters, followup emails, etc., using unique templates. You can reach your subscribers any time, they do not need to visit your website all the time. The most important part of the online business to build your list, and care about them. They will buy after.

Track what people do on your website

There are some programs that can help you to measure or test what is happening on your website. There is a heatmap, what shows how many of your visitors clicked to links, scrolled down, watched videos, etc. It is an amazing stuff if you want to grow, because you can see what is happening, and can make changes for optimization. And test again, and optimize again. You can not do it in an offline business.

Another thing is to track everything, because you have to know your numbers, in order not to lose money or make more money, not just shoot in the dark night. We have to be professional even if we are newbies or having our online business for a while.

Put everything in an Auto System

This is the most amazing part of our business. We dont`t just do something, but build our business strategically by using a SALES FUNNEL BUILDER platform. What is the Sales Funnel? Here you can see:

Sales Funnel

I personally have tried some of the Top Ones ( Clickfunnels, Leadpages, 10minutes funnel ), every one of them has it`s own specialties, but summarily I found Clickfunnels as the most Valuable. With it we can build our Automated Online Business from zero to Anywhere we want. We need to set up once and can forget it after, but the System works for you all the time, and we can change anything anytime inside the funnel. WOW thats Amazing.

These are the most important must have tools we need to have if we want to make money online, no matters if we just newbies. It can`t be any excuse not having them, without them building an online business and making money online is almost impossible.

Summary here are the must have tools again ( you can have them by clicking them below ), I can recommend them because I personally use them as well and you can try some of them for FREE or a very cheap trial price.

  1. Domain name and hosting
  2. Autoresponder Getresponse
  3. Autoresponder Aweber
  4. Tracking system ( clickmagick )
  5. Funnel Builder ( Clickfunnels )


Sure You want to know how you can put them together in a System with a detailed training:


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