Millionaires are unstoppable – Millionaires own the Future

Millionaires are unstoppable – Millionaires own the Future

More than 50% of the World`s wealth will be controlled by the millionaires till 2020 – as Boston Consulting reports. The most will be owned by the richest especially in the US. Behind the new wealth are going to be mostly the internet and shares. In the next 5 years the number of the internet millionaires will show huge growth.

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In 2015 millionaire`s households globally grew up by 6% to 18.5 million. Millionaires own the 47% of the World`s wealth, but this number could be go up to 52% by 2020.

Elevation or coming-down

The best will come among the rich to the super rich – especially in the US. They own more than $ 20 million, and will own more than the 29% of the whole US wealth by 2020.

Those who will not become a millionaire – or do not have $ 1 million – will own less and less.

This trend will be fast in the next 5 years, as well as the number of the super rich in the USA, because this “small” group can expect a growth of 8%.

The fastest growth of the number of millionaires` households are in Asia, China. They grew by 17% to 3,6million. The second place was Western Europe, where the number increased by 11%. About 400 thousand millionaires were counted in Latin America. The weakest was North America where the growth of the millionaires was less than 1% however the number is the highest is 8,4 million.

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The most millionaire live in the United States they are more than 8 million of them, followed by Chinese with 2.1, and 1.1 million of Japanese and last but not least the 961 thousand of British.

Millionaire Dream Countries

Interesting that the most millionaire per capita is in Lichtenstein, where 19% of the households belong to this group. Switzerland is the second with 15%, followed by Bahrein with 13%, and Qatar with 12,7%. USA is the 9. with 6,5%.

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The private wealth was grown by 5,2% to 168.000 billion last year. In the next 5 years the wealth will mainly be focused in the super rich or the elite of the elite`s hand.

Most of the expected new wealth will come from the internet and shares by 2020, so the number of the internet millionaires will grow faster.

Don`t miss the opportunity, give a chance yourself to be an internet millionaire, and start small, and join the internet millionaires club.

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